Lake Superior, is the largest of the great lakes as well as the largest freshwater lake in the world. It is home to a large number of different fish species including lake trout, lake whitefish, muskellunge, northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye, atlantic salmon, brown trout, carp, chinook salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout and much more.

When trolling on the big lake there are a few target species that are abundant and offer fantastic fishing. The most common and sought after fish are coho salmon and lake trout, but there are certain times of the year where king salmon, walleye, and muskies are the target species.

It is important to understand the seasonality of these fish in order to book your trip during a time that allows you to catch the species you are after.

Lake Trout

Lake Superior fishing is based upon a lake trout fishery. The Lake Superior lake trout is comprised of 4 subspecies, with the native redfin and a “cross breeds” of these making up the majority of our catch during the year. Lake trout begin the season in May near shore feeding on smelt which have came to the shallow waters to spawn, then as the water warms they move to temperature breaks that concentrate insect hatches and smaller baitfish.



Lake Superior salmon fishing has been a long journey, king salmon were stock in Minnesota 1974 thru 2006, Coho salmon 1969 thru 1972, Atlantic salmon 1980 thru 1993, currently Ontario, Wisconsin and Michigan plant some king salmon but most of the fishery we target are based on natural occurring coho and king salmon that spawn in the streams on the south shore in Wisconsin. A great species to target!



The Lake Superior fishing for walleyes is based on a tremendous population of walleyes that relate to the St Louis River which flows into Lake Superior dividing Duluth, MN and Superior, Wi. In the spring there is spawning up towards the dam on the St Louis River, after the walleyes spawn they migrate back toward the lake as the water warms and the baitfish make there way into St Louis Bay right next to our Barkers Island Marina.

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